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The very first dog I started walking was very fearful of other dogs and so he was very reactive. Seeing his distress inspired me to study canine behaviour and through my years of study and practical experience, I have helped him to cope much better. In fact, I was able to socialise him with one of the other dogs in my care that had a very calm temperament and they became good friends until she sadly passed away this year. This reactive dog can now look calmly at other dogs and knows the coping strategies that I have taught him, which makes his regular walks with me enjoyable and stress free.


If you have several dogs, then we are happy to walk them all together if requested. We can also pair up 2 dogs in the same locale if you want your dog to have company, as long as we socialise them beforehand. We provide our own grain free treats, as well as my own poo bags and we are using our own leads, due to COVID 19. You can be home when we collect your dog or we can have a key to your property. If you provide a key, this will be stored in a key safe on my property and a key release form will have to be filled out and signed to give us permission to access your property on agreed dates. If you are not home when we collect your dogs, we will leave a report card. Any walk can be upgraded to a training walk. Please see the training page for more info. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any more enquiries or if you would like to arrange to meet. We offer a free meet and greet beforehand. 

Unlike many local dog walking businesses, my main service is one to one dog walking and it is one of the most popular services that Paw Chores has to offer. I offer 1 hour walks and 30 minute walks. This professional service truly benefits dogs with fear, anxiety, reactivity and/or dog aggression. I have many years experience, as well as training in working with dogs with reactivity and other behavioural issues. Forcing fearful dogs to walk with other dogs, places them in a situation that is above their coping threshold. This can worsen their fears, causing their behaviour to escalate. Thus, one to one walks can be a life-saver for you and your dog. Please see my training page for more information or feel free to have a look at my Testimonials page. 


"Walk like a dog; they will lead you in the right direction".

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