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Kids Around Dogs

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Before my career working with dogs, I was a childcare practitioner for 5 years. I have worked both as a nursery nurse and teacher's assistant, working with ages 0-12 years of age. I hold a level 2 and level 3 Ofqual Diploma in working with children and young people. 

Since then, I have become a certified trainer with the DTC and Canine Principles, as well as a KAD (Kids Around Dogs) Certified trainer, which certifies me to offer, group workshops, 1-2-1 sessions for children and CBT online sessions for children with dog phobias. 


If your child isn't afraid of dogs but you are concerned about your child being too boisterous with your dog or any other issues, you can book 2 KAD sessions. In these sessions, your child/children will learn the basics of canine body language, the emotions dogs experience, where dogs like to be touched and how to approach, both familiar and unfamiliar, dogs safely using games and a decoy dog model. I will also teach your children how to create safe and fun activities for their dog and how they can get involved in your dog's care safely.

Both sessions are held at your property with the mandatory supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. 
Each session will include fun activities and handouts for you to keep, projects between sessions, and your child will be awarded a laminated certificate and rainbow KAD badge, upon completion of both sessions. These sessions are tailored to ages 4 to 12 years. 

Educating both parents and children about canine body language can prevent bites and even save lives; both those of your children and your dog's.




 1x Child x2 sessions £60.00 


2x Children x2 sessions £80.00 


3x Children x2 sessions £100.00

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