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Anxiety & Reactivity Resolutions

I am a Reactivity specialist and have years of experience working with anxious and reactive dogs. This package is designed for dogs struggling with anxiety and/or reactivity. These are difficult behavioural struggles that require time, patience and commitment to training and management. 

Behind every reactive dog is a guardian desperately trying to make them feel safe. .png

Having struggled with my own reactive dog after he was attacked by another dog, I understand the emotional toll and dedication it takes to cope with this behavioural struggle. I have also seen my dog improve with training and empathy, as well as many other dogs I have worked with. I hold many qualifications in dog training and I continue to research and study to keep my knowledge and training up to date. 

All training is force free and fear free, ensuring the welfare of your dog is always prioritised. This means I do not use or advocate the use of any aversives or anything involving physical or verbal punishment. 

This package includes 4x sessions and 3x zoom sessions to provide adequate support between sessions, make any necessary changes to the training plan and address any concerns. You will have a training booklet for each session, as well as training hand outs. You will also receive support via phone and email.


In each session, I will give you the knowledge and skills to understand your dog's reactive behaviour and teach you how to make your dog feel safe. The first session is the initial consultation, which involves taking a full history and assessing your dog's behaviour. The following 3 sessions may be held at your location or an agreed upon location, depending on the training required. I often hire freedom fields and use a decoy dog walker to work with us, if I am working with dog to dog reactivity.

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This package is also suitable for frustrated  greeters, such as dogs that are reactive due to frustration and/or a desire to say hello to people and dogs. 


Your dog will earn a laminated certificate of completion upon finishing all 4 sessions. You have the option of booking more sessions, should you require more support. 



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