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Paw Chores offers reliable and professional pet sitting for any pets you may have, whether they be cats, rabbits, reptiles, rats, hamsters, budgies or chickens. (Please see Testimonials) You can book 1-3 visits per day to ensure your pets have food and company, however, the time of visits will be subject to availability, so if you have a specific time in mind, please book as far in advance as possible. I am also happy to keep an eye on your home while you are away and can perform small jobs such as putting your bins out or watering indoor plants. Your pets will have a report card each, so that you can see what antics they have been up to while you were away. I also take lots of photos, videos and will text you regular updates to give you peace of mind. 

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Each visit is 20-30 minutes long and the prices vary according to how many pets you have, the lowest price being £6.50. Each visit includes feeding, grooming, playing and the cleaning of bowls, mats, cages and/or hutches. I have many years experience looking after sick and senior  pets, so I am experienced in administering medications, recognising symptoms and monitoring your pet's health. I have 2 First Aid qualifications, thus I am trained to perform CPR and administer emergency care, should your pet be sick or injured. When you first book my services, I will require that you complete a Vet Release Form so that I have your vet's details and emergency contacts. This form will also give me permission to obtain urgent veterinary care if necessary.


I will obviously need a key to access your property, so this needs to be arranged before your booking and I will require that you sign a Key Release form to give me permission to do so. Your key will be kept in a key safe on my property and only used on the dates you have booked. The form gives you the option of having the key returned after the booking has ended or I can retain the key for future bookings. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information. Please click the button below to see Testimonials.

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