Dog Training

Enrichment for Anxious and Hyper Dogs

I also offer enrichment training walks. Usual dog walks can be upgraded to a training walk and this is especially beneficial for hyper and/or anxious dogs or dogs with low confidence. I set challenges according to their learning pace to ensure I set them up for success. Enrichment provides necessary mental stimulation, which isn't necessarily gained from a normal walk around the block and this helps to prevent problem behaviours that are triggered by boredom. I use a variety of grain free treats and teach your dog the cue "find it". My current canine clients love this service and are always physically and mentally tired afterwards. 


Life Skills Training

Life Skills training covers a variety of skills and this can include loose lead walking, recall, focus training, target training and learning basic cues. Basic cues are vital, as it opens the line of communication between you and your dog and sets them up for success in a number of situations. I use positive, reward based training in all my coaching and I never use force, pain or intimidation in any of my training. Teaching cues and manners should be taught as early as possible. I offer both puppy training and adult dog training on a one to one basis. I provide free phone calls and emails between training sessions, to ensure you have adequate support throughout. 


Canine Fear and Reactivity

 The most common behavioural issue, affecting dog owners today, is dog reactivity. This can make walks stressful or even impossible. I have clients that will walk their dog at 4am everyday to avoid dealing with reactivity! It can really put a strain on the relationship and even make some give up on walks all together or even consider rehoming their dog. If this sounds familiar, you are by no means alone. Fortunately, I particularly love working with fearful and reactive dogs and I have a lot of experience as well as training to address these issues. I work one to one with you and your dog to determine the reasons behind your dog's reactivity. I do this by firstly obtaining a history and then by observing the behaviour in action. Once I have determined what is reinforcing and/or triggering the behaviour, we will begin systematic desensitisation, counter/operant conditioning and response substitution. You will receive one to one support throughout and will have the option of free phone calls, emails or texts for further support between sessions. If this is something you are interested in, please don't hesitate to contact me.


-Kathy Kawalec

"Don't give up on the hard dogs. They will teach you something you never knew you needed".

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