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Loose Lead & Recall Workshops

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Loose Lead Training


Pulling on the lead is one of the most common training issues that dog owners face and it can make walks particularly tiring and even painful for you. Therefore, it is a vital skill for your dog to learn.
Paw Chores offers a 1-2-1 Loose Lead workshop to prevent or address pulling on the lead. This workshop includes 2 sessions, that are 1-2 hours each, and this is suitable for any breed and age. 

You will learn how to ensure your dog is physically balanced and how to prevent injury to both yourself and your dog. A change in walking equipment may be required/suggested, however, this can be arranged before the first session and appropriate recommendations will be provided. 

You will also learn how to keep your dog focused on you whilst in the presence of distractions, such as other dogs, in order to address any pulling that may occur in these situations. We will also practice  your dogs new lead skills in a variety of environments, with different levels of distractions, in order to ensure your dog's loose lead walking is consistent.  


Only positive reinforcement is used and no forms of punishment and aversives, such as lead corrections, slip leads, choke chains or/and no-pull harnesses will be used at any time.



You will receive an information pack detailing all the training we cover. You will also receive free support via text, email or zoom between the sessions. Upon completion of both sessions, your dog will receive a laminated certificate.

Loose Lead Training Workshop Price 

.00- 2x sessions. 

£60.00 - 1x session​

Recall Training


Recall is likely the most difficult training skill to achieve, as it takes time and lots of practice. Many become very frustrated with their dog when they don't come back and this can inadvertently poison their recall cue. We all want our dogs to enjoy the freedom to be off lead but we may worry that our dog will not come back. Many will give up and keep their dog on lead, when in reality they just need support from a professional trainer. 

My Recall workshop gives you and your dog the skills you need to ace your recall. The workshop consists of 2x 2 hr sessions, dedicated to recall training. In these sessions, I teach you different ways to keep your recall interesting, including different rewards, approaches and concept games. 

With this workshop, you will be spoilt for choice of what cues to use to get a reliable recall. You will also learn how to assess your dog's confidence and engagement and how to gradually level up your dog's recall skills. This training is held outdoors either in Keele, a freedom field in Staffordshire or a field near you depending on the needs of your dog.


The first session will focus on teaching you how to use a longline, as well as a using a reward gradient, functional rewards and concept games to improve your understanding of recall training, as well as your dog's skills. The second session will involve applying your new found knowledge and practicing your recall skills around distractions, such as other dogs and people. I will be able to trouble shoot during this last session and answer any final questions you may have. 

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You will receive an information pack detailing all the training we cover. You will also receive free support  via email, text or zoom between sessions. A long line will be provided in the workshop, however purchasing your own to continue training will be recommended.  Upon completion of both sessions, your dog will receive a laminated certificate. 

Recall Training Workshop Price

£90.00 - 2x sessions.

£60.00 - 1x session.

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