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1-2-1 Puppy/Beginners Training
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I offer 1-2-1 puppy/ beginners training package that covers a wide range of obedience and life skills training. This training is suitable for puppies from 10 weeks to 12 months of age. In this package, we will cover:

- Watch me- Focus Training

-  Correctly Marking Behaviour- Clicker Training

- Sit, Down, Stand 

- Wait and Stay

- Loose Lead Walking

- Recall using longline, toys and treats

- Leave it  and Drop- Impulse Control 

- Mat/Bed- Boundary Training

-  Touch- Target Training

- Paws Up and Paws off- Jumping up

- Toilet Training

- Building confidence and engagement

- Socialisation and Habituation

- Teething, Mouthing and Chewing 

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This Training Package includes 3 sessions lasting 1-2 hours per session. Your puppy/dog will gain all the skills they need to develop into a confident and well behaved dog


In each session, I will coach you on how to strengthen each skill your puppy/dog learns by training with different distractions and environments. This ensures your puppy/dog responds to you reliably, no matter the situation. You will also be provided with expert advice on training issues, such as toilet training, chewing, diet, crate training and teething etc. The training can be tailored to your personal needs and the behavioural needs of your puppy/dog.

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There will be regular breaks within each session to keep your puppy/dog eager to learn and I will include  training games to teach learning concepts.  You will receive free support between sessions via text, email or/and phone. You will also have written instructions in a personalised booklet covering everything you learn in the session.


On the third session, we have a bit of fun and do some trick-work, jumps and the tunnel.


If you choose the Puppy/ Beginner Training Package, your puppy/dog will receive a personal Certificate of Completion after the third session.


Only positive reinforcement is used to train your puppy/dog, ensuring training is kind and fun! 


Price of Puppy Training Package -£150.00  


   The Package must be paid for before the  first session.

Price of 1 Training session- £60.00

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