Advanced Puppy/Beginner Training Package

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I offer an advanced Puppy/Beginner course, which proceeds my 1-2-1 Puppy Life Skills Training Package. This course was created due to client's requests for more sessions. This course involves furthering what your puppy has learned and proofing their skills so they are more reliable. This course covers a range of obedience, focus and trick work and is a fun way to continue your puppy's training. 

The course includes: 

- Target Training (using target stick) 
- Back up and Forward cues 
- Focus around other dogs. 
- Jumps 
- Off-lead recall  and recall around dogs
- Lead skills 
- Emergency stops 
- Weaves 
- Trick work. 
- Stay 
-Boundary Training (next steps)
- Paws Up and Off
- Roll Over 
- Spin 
- Middle
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With each session, you will have a booklet covering the training steps and you will receive free support via email, phone and text. 

This course is 4 sessions, so you have the opportunity to perfect your dog's skills. You can also request certain cues or any area of training you wish to work on. If you have completed the 1-2-1 Puppy Life Skills course with me you will get a £10.00 discount on this course.

Your puppy will receive a certificate of achievement and a Rosset upon completion of this course. 


All 4 sessions are £150.00 


£140.00 when you have completed my 1-2-1 Puppy Life Skills

The Package must be paid for before the first session.

1x Session £45.00